Sharing my Experiences with God through Evangelism

“Bold faith rests on the heels of quiet trust,” said Pastor Bill Johnson. I’ll never forget it. And it’s ring is truer than we realize. I want to share encounters recently with people I’ve had where I’d taken an opportunity to proclaim God’s love to them. These are simple ways I seek to share the good news with people. It’s man who complicates, but God who simplifies. I’ve complicated things before. If we would only focus on sharing the good news, God would work out the hard stuff. Let me explain.

I’d finished up my check-up with my doctor, an experienced professional well beyond my years. I’d respected his temperament and enjoyed the visit. It was ordinary, another day. I’d seen him before and in our conversations my faith had come up. Today, I was thinking about ways I could show him God’s love and if the Spirit led me to hopefully share the Gospel with him. It was a few weeks ago that my Aunt Lynne had shared this captivating email with me about a popular evangelist. The story recounted how the man had would walk confidently into any place, such as a skyscraper or corporate office at any time and ask to speak with the leaders. He’d offer to pray with them and ultimately point to Jesus in all his talks with them. Nothing complicated. And guess what? God worked through it. Many came to Christ on account of this. This reminded me of the times I’ve actually put this into practice, pressed past fears and saw the incredible impact it had on people and even myself. It didn’t always have the impact I’d have liked, but when it did it was worth it! The doors it opened for me to tangibly show God’s love and the walls it broke down were so encouraging.

After the meeting ended. The doctor asked me if I had any more questions. I do have a question for you actually, I said. He looked surprised. “I want to know how I can pray for you today. Whether personally or in another way?”

He softened up and smiled. That’s very nice of you. He told me his nephew had passed away recently and asked for prayer for this hard time. I listened and sought to comfort him. No words were needed in this time. Then I asked if I could pray with him, right now. This was probably not what he’d expected. You know. People say all the time, I’ll be praying for you. And then we go away with just our sentiment and very faulty short term memory and forget. And repeat. He paused and hesitated, then said agreed.

I bowed my head and let it all out! Thanking God for this moment, for His love and asking to comfort the family of his nephew as well as the doctor himself and asking God to usher in His presence into the moment. The atmosphere felt so electric. It was peaceful. We ended.

“You know, in 40 years of practice I’d never had anybody offer to do this.”

To pray for you, I asked?

“Yes,” he said. “Not once. Thank you very much.”

First off, he’d told me about Christian clients he’d had before. Surely people who walked into his office had been Christ followers. But none had offered to pray.  That’s not to shame anyone, as I have missed many opportunities myself. But I say this to encourage you in that I didn’t do anything extraordinary.  God does the extraordinary. I just did what I could. And God showed up!

When I see him again I will seek to share the Gospel with him when the Spirit leads.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next story. If only we would pray.

Alex Oram

April 6, 2018



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