Alexander. Alex for short. AJ for shorter.

Musician. Writer. Believer. Explorer.

Catch me in my free time with a coffee and a book, making music, spending time with my fiance, or all of those in a day’s work.

Reading is exercise for the mind. I write to inspire, encourage and make people think about the ordinary in uncommon ways. I write to share experiences. I write to lead others to the message of ultimate reconciliation: The Cross.

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Fierce, Offensive and Unapologetic (Part 2) Resolve

If you read up to here, it’s likely you’re curious to how these stories mentioned in the first blog turn out. Read on. And thank you for staying tuned. Family Matters: Let’s be real. Jesus’ ministry brought pressure to his own family (Bevere, 1994). Jesus was constantly healing people, cleansing people, casting out demons, teaching people, … Continue reading Fierce, Offensive and Unapologetic (Part 2) Resolve

Quick thoughts- “Frank Teaching on Sexuality”

I was watching a video of a new speaker/teacher I’d recently heard of and now greatly respect (Dan Mohler). He’s an unusual guy, but he speaks from the heart. He addresses all kinds of topics and one of the topics was on sexuality and what that looks like in marriage. I was skeptical, but curious. I’ve read … Continue reading Quick thoughts- “Frank Teaching on Sexuality”

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