Alexander. Alex for short. AJ for shorter.

Musician. Writer. Believer. Explorer.

Catch me in my free time with a coffee and a book, making music, spending time with my fiance, or all of those in a day’s work.

Reading is exercise for the mind. I write to inspire, encourage and make people think about the ordinary in uncommon ways. I write to share experiences. I write to lead others to the message of ultimate reconciliation: The Cross.


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Fierce, Offensive and Unapologetic (Part 2) Resolve

If you read up to here, it’s likely you’re curious to how these stories mentioned in the first blog¬†turn out. Read on. And thank you for staying tuned. Family Matters: Let’s be real. Jesus’ ministry brought pressure to his own family (Bevere, 1994). Jesus was constantly healing people, cleansing people, casting out demons, teaching people, … Continue reading Fierce, Offensive and Unapologetic (Part 2) Resolve

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